Hi. I'm Benjamin Lewis.

I'm a recovering entrepreneur. My startup Secure Cellar Door's mission is to free Australian wineries from the oligopolies that control the industry here. Simply, our service helps them sell their wine directly to their customers. The few that use us are very successful, unfortunately our business model requires hundreds of wineries to sign up for us to recover our initial investment and become profitable. There have been many highs and lows and at this point the service just works.

I'm now a free agent I hold myself to high standards, I'm always learning and try to adhere to the best practices. Programming is my life, I find it fascinating to think and talk about. I always go to meetups and I would love to go to all the conferences.

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I love to code.

Ruby on Rails

I've been a Rails developer for 7 years. Learning Ruby was the best thing for my programming career. I'm grateful for the community and the opportunities to work with such a beautiful language. Lately, I've become interested in moving as much of the business logic away from Rails into Plain Old Ruby Objects.

BDD - Behaviour driven development

My development process is to write Cucumber or Request specs first. I find this to be a great way to limit the scope of the project to the minimum viable product. The Cukes quickly show if the feature set is getting out of hand. This makes the actual coding very easy, using the red, green, refactor method.

Git, Bash scripting, Regex, Javascript

I listed Git first because it's amazing, it is worthy of it's own section but form dictates that I have 3 sections here. Bash, Regex and Javascript were all hard to learn but now I enjoy using them. I'm falling into the Ember camp, I like it's conventions. I've found it to be extremely enjoyable to use.

Recent Projects.

Secure Cellar Door

I lead a small team of 2 developers, a designer and a client liaison manager. We used behaviour driven development with short iterative feature cycles. We successfully delivered a working product at every stage of the project.

Checkbot rubygem

This gem is extracted from the Secure Cellar Door project. Given products, discounts and cart items it uses fitness and hill climbing algorithms to find the optimum discount. It was developed to handle any discount the Australian wine industry could throw at it.


One night at a ruby meetup, I used a hangman game to illustrate some ruby code, afterwards at home I quickly created a script to generate the hangman game. I later discovered that creating this type of script is a common exercise to teach ruby.

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